Open Box Items

From time to time, we will be offering OPEN BOX items for sale.

The open box devices will be discounted considerably and the quality of the items can range from:


  • Virtually brand new -- perfect condition and 100% functioning

  • Perfectly functioning item with cosmetic damage

  • Partially functioning (i.e., emits red light but not NIR light or part of the panel does not emit red light, etc.).

The discounted prices reflect the cosmetic condition & functioning ability of the device.

All open box items are on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. Prices do not include shipping.

If you are interested in any open box item, please email Thank you!


(1) Silver & (1) Black available

(over 20% off!)

  • Brand new, never used

  • Must be plugged in to operate

  • Perfect cosmetic condition

  • eBook included!



(~15% off!)

  • Brand new, never used

  • Functions perfectly

  • Minor cosmetic blemishes on frame

  • eBook included!