Dr. Mike Belkowski of BioLight Shares Excitement over Upcoming Release of Guardian+ Red Light Therapy Device

"...the Guardian+ (is) the first of its kind product consisting of patent-pending technology that allows users to safely and effectively whiten teeth while maintaining healthier teeth and gums. There is currently nothing else on the market that utilizes a combination of red light therapy and blue light LEDs for oral wellness." 

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Community Highlights: Meet Dr. Mike Belkowski of BioLight

"I have a strong passion for educating people on the endless list of amazing health, wellness, and longevity benefits of red light therapy, as virtually everyone can benefit from it!" 


Is Red Light Therapy the Antidote to Modern Life?

"What’s the point of living longer if you’re not healthy and full of vitality? That’s the whole point of mitochondria health: the happier you keep them, you’re going to age more gracefully; you’re going to have a longer health span..." 



Why You Should Be Using Red Light Therapy to Optimize Your Health Wellness & Longevity

"We are all researching new ways to invest in our health, wellness, and longevity every day. We want to figure out how we can maximize our time and resources to optimize our bodies..." 


Wellness Trends For 2020

"Biohacking became a buzzword in the 2010s, with red light therapy, in particular, starting to emerge as a trend..." 



Improving Health and Wellness Through Red Light Therapy With BioLight’s Patent-Pending Technology

"BioLight is on the leading edge of red light therapy technology and we are proud to offer consumers affordable, high-quality options for home-use red light therapy devices. Products like the Guardian are changing the game and offering alternative treatments that produce real results." 


Reserve a Spot With BioLight To Invest in Cutting-Edge Red Light Therapy Technology

"While building brand partnerships with notable influencers inspired by red light therapy and BioLight's advanced technology, Dr. Belkowksi hopes to raise awareness for the company and its incredible offerings backed by science." 

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BioLight Uses the Power of Red Light Therapy in Form of a Cream to Fight Aging

"Called the Longevv Revivv Creme, this revolutionary skin care product is made to extend the longevity of our skin, fighting against natural aging and wrinkles..." 


Many Women Prefer BioLight Red Light Therapy as an Anti-Aging Treatment to Improve Their Skin Health

"Women love red light therapy because it is more effective and less risky than traditional surgical cosmetic treatments. Red light therapy has been shown to smooth out the surface of the skin in order to create a more youthful appearance..." 

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BioLight Featured in Forbes as a Top Health and Wellness Trend for 2020

"Known for being the first company to compile research-based RLT treatment protocols and give people specific treatment parameters based on their health and wellness goals, BioLight has successfully made the numerous RLT benefits bespoke and customizable..." 


Red Light Therapy Company BioLight Found to Strengthen the Immune Systems of COVID-19 Patients

"For people without strong immune systems, they are now turning to red light therapy for treatment. BioLight, which is based in Montana, is one of the leading red light therapy product providers in the nation. Their red light therapy treatments are believed to have the power to inhibit the spread of the virus in an infected person’s body." 

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3 Ways to Enhance Your Oral Health

"If you are considering an oral health service that is non-invasive, safe, and effective, red light therapy through Dr. Belkowski is changing lives around the world right now." 


3 Ways to Enhance Your Oral Health

"Red light therapy aids oral health by fighting viral and bacterial infections before they have a chance to take root. This form of therapy also improves tooth sensitivity to fighting gum disease and gingivitis, showing promise that red light therapy can do even more than these benefits listed here." 



Near-Infrared Light Called BioLight Could Be the Key to Stopping the Replication of the Coronavirus

"A Montana-based light therapy company may have discovered an effective treatment to inhibit the replication of the coronavirus. BioLight, which offers red light therapy and near-infrared light therapy products, has discovered that their light therapy treatments may be effective for stopping the coronavirus aka COVID-19..." 


Health Benefits of Red Light Therapy

"There have been thousands of double blind studies on the benefits of red light therapy. We had the change to talk to Dr. Mike Belkowski, PT, DPT, CIDN, CMP, CSCS, Founder and CEO of BioLight, an expert in red light therapy..." 

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Montana Company Offers Affordable Red Light Therapy Products to Those Seeking Optimal Health & Wellness

"Dr. Michael Belkowski, an expert in red light therapy, wanted to fill this massive need for the population that could desperately benefit from red light therapy, but just could not afford it. He decided to start a company called BioLight..."