Beauty Bundle

Beauty Bundle

This is the ultimate bundle to take your beauty regimen to the next level!


With the unparalleled combination of anti-aging skin treatments via red light therapy with the Shine and skin creme via the Longevv Revīvv Creme coupled with effortless teeth whitening via blue light therapy with the Guardian+, you will be sure to be looking your most vibrant and beautful self on a daily basis!


The Beauty Bundle includes the following:


Buying these items individually would cost upwards of $898 plus shipping, but by purchasing this bundle you can save over $150 or over 20% off the price of the products and shipping costs!


**When returning an item from a bundle, refunds will be given in store credit only. The store credit amount will be reflected based on the 20% reduced price of the original price of the returned item. As always, used oral care devices and skin creme cannot be returned under any condition.**