The Guardian+ is the very first oral device of its kind, with patent-pending technology that implements BOTH blue light red/NIR  light so you can safely whiten your teeth while also receiving the benefits of red light therapy!


The Guardian+ is designed to provide the most consistent coverage of light in the mouth by incorporating the blue light LEDs in the top row & red/NIR (NIR = near-infrared) light LEDs in the bottom row (see pictures above). This means you conduct half of your treatment & then rotate the device 180-degrees for the second half of the treatment (if you are wanting to treat both the top & bottom of your mouth). 


With the Guardian+, you also have the ability to choose three light settings: blue/RLT combo, blue light only or RLT only – this gives you the flexibility to carry out teeth whitening or RLT treatments only, if you prefer.


Oral Health & Blue Light Therapy

Blue light is notorious for whitening teeth, but it also provides other valuable oral health benefits as well, such as:

  • Selectively killing harmful bacteria
  • Gum health
  • Tooth sensitivity


One of the biggest advantages of blue light therapy (BLT) over bactericides like mouthwashesantibiotics, is that BLT selectively targets the harmful bacteria implicated in infections. This means that blue light selectively kills harmful bacteria while leaving the beneficial bacteria unscathed & thriving, leading to an optimized oral microbiome!


Included with the Guardian+ are three 2-oz. TeethWhitening Gel Pens, which utilizes carbamide peroxide (CP) at a 36% concentration. Choosing CP at 36% concentration is important for two reasons:

  • CP has been shown in the research to whiten teeth significantly faster when compared to the more common (and less expensive) ingredient, hydrogen peroxide (HP). They are equally safe to use in the human mouth.
  • A higher concentration of CP leads to further accelerated teeth whitening. Most CP concentrations use on the market are 6 - 18%. Once again, safety is not compromis