Skin Health

How does RLT help?


Red light stimulates both collagen and elastin production, repairs damage from UV rays and also promotes healing of wounds. This is accomplished by stimulating collagen synthesis and fibroblast formation, reducing inflammation, improving the efficiency of energy production of the mitochondria and facilitating DNA repair.

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Your skin (aka, the integumentary system) is the largest organ in your body! With that being said, it is a critical component of your health and wellness -- not to mention, your beauty and vibrancy. Your skin health can augment your youthful appearance as easily as it can age you.

Red/NIR light is effective at reversing signs of aging, repairs damage from UV rays and can reduce the appearance of line wrinkles and scars.​

Not only this, but Harvard professor Dr. Michael Hamblin, PhD has found that red/NIR light can:

  • Enhance collagen synthesis and density

  • Accelerate skin repair and wound healing

  • Combat skin conditions, such as acne, keloids, vitiligo, burns, herpes virus sores and psoriasis

  • Reduce cellulite 

  • Reduce color patches/hyperpigmentation/skin discoloration

In short, RLT offers a safe, non-invasive alternative to Botox injections, abrasive chemical peels, cosmetic surgery and dermatological visits to improve the health and vibrance of your skin. Anti-aging made easy!


What does the research show?

“When patients with plaque psoriasis were treated sequentially with LED delivering continuous 830nm (NIR light ) and 633nm (red light) in two 20- min sessions for 4 or 5 weeks, 60–100% of clearance rates were achieved without any significant side effects.” (1)



In a study assessing red/NIR light therapy on skin health found: "91% of subjects reported improved skin tone, and 82% reported enhanced smoothness of skin in the treatment area."(2)

“Our study showed that LED therapy reversed collagen down-regulation and MMP-1 up-regulation (both help reduce wrinkles). These findings suggest that LED at 660nm is a safe and effective collagen-enhancement strategy.”​ (3)

"LED (lights)…has been shown to be effective for improving wrinkles and skin laxity… Among patients who received LED photo-rejuvenation along, 90% reported that they observed a softening of skin texture and a reduction in roughness and fine lines, ranging from a significant reduction to sometimes subtle changes.” (4)

"LLLT appears to have a wide range of applications in dermatology, especially in indications where stimulation of healing, reduction of inflammation, reduction of cell death, and skin rejuvenation are required." (5)

**While the current scientific research seems to indicate many positive benefits of RLT in relation to skin health, there is still an appreciable necessity for more extensive research to be conducted in this area, including double-blind RCT (randomized controlled trials), to provide a more comprehensive, robust overview that will further elucidate the optimal parameters and appropriate uses of RLT, which will ultimately lead the most safe & efficacious uses for those dealing with skin health.