"After an exhaustive review of the photobiomodulation research, I have gained a tremendous amount of respect and appreciation for this very complex science. Personally, I have been using the BioLight for several months to treat both my face and several sports injuries, and I can report fantastic results. I believe that BioLight therapy should be a mandatory adjunct to anyone’s longevity and health protocols."

Sandra Kaufmann, MD

Author of "The Kaufmann Protocol"

"BioLight has become an incredible asset in my training regimen. It helps relieve my sore muscles and reduce inflammation after a tough day on the court. I find it has improved my recovery immensely!"

Lauren Davis

WTA Professional Tennis Player

"I was recommended BioLight red light therapy to treat my recent elbow tendonitis and muscle sprain. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical as to how this machine could really help. I used the light on my injury 1x/day for three weeks. After about a week, I noticed some improvement. At this point, I started to believe it could really help. With daily use, my pain subsided and after three weeks there was major improvement. I have had similar injuries before -- I am a rock climber, climbing 3x/week and have been in pain and somewhat sidelined from similar injuries for as long as 5 - 6 months. I was surprised at how effective the BioLight device was. And it was super easy to use; seven-minute sessions, you can just sit and watch your favorite program. I am super happy with the results!"
Tim Shea

"My BioLight is my new favorite wellness product! It keeps my complexion healthy and vibrant -- my skin has never been so healthy. I am so excited to experience the rest of the benefits that will occur from long-term use. I recommend that everyone try BioLight out and see for yourself!"

Camille Hyde