Pulsed Frequencies

Pulsed Frequencies

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Research on the effects of pulsed frequencies of near-infrared light on the human body is an evolving field, and findings can vary based on the specific application, intended outcome, and individual differences:
Beneficial Pulsed Frequencies in Photobiomodulation:


  1. 10 Hz:
    • Applications: General healing, pain relief, and inflammation reduction.
    • Benefits: Often used for its calming effects on the nervous system and ability to stimulate cellular repair processes.
  2. 40 Hz:
    • Applications: Neuroprotection and cognitive enhancement.
    • Benefits: Found to be beneficial for brain health, potentially aiding in conditions like Alzheimer's disease by promoting neuronal activity and reducing amyloid plaques.
  3. 100 Hz:
    • Applications: Wound healing, tissue regeneration, and pain management.
    • Benefits: Helps in promoting cell proliferation, enhancing tissue repair, and providing analgesic effects.
  4. 292 Hz:
    • Applications: Chronic pain and fibromyalgia.
    • Benefits: Known for its effectiveness in reducing chronic pain and alleviating symptoms of fibromyalgia.
  5. 500 Hz:
    • Applications: Enhanced blood circulation and acute injury treatment.
    • Benefits: Improves microcirculation and accelerates the healing of acute injuries.
  6. 1000 Hz:
    • Applications: Deep tissue healing and severe pain relief.
    • Benefits: Penetrates deeper into tissues, providing relief from severe pain and promoting the healing of deeper structures. 
It's important to understand that the effects of specific pulsed frequencies of near-infrared light can vary depending on factors such as the tissue type, the condition being treated, the intensity of the light, the duration of exposure, and individual variations in response.
We will continue to update this page and the BioLight community as the effects of pulsed NIR light frequencies are illuminated and elucidated via the photobiomodulation research.

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