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After an exhaustive review of the photobiomodulation research, I have gained a tremendous amount of respect and appreciation for this very complex science. Personally, I have been using the BioLight for several months to treat both my face and several sports injuries, and I can report fantastic results. I believe that BioLight therapy should be a mandatory adjunct to anyone’s longevity and health protocols.


Sandra Kaufmann, MD

What is BioLight?

BioLight is the preeminent red/near-infrared light therapy (RLT) panel company, predicated on providing premier RLT panels and unparalleled RLT education and information so that everyone can receive the health, wellness and longevity benefits of RLT.


Red light therapy is an innovative technique that utilizes specific red and near-infrared wavelengths from the light spectrum to promote health, wellness and longevity. These amazing benefits are achieved through modulation of inflammation in your body and by reversing and mitigating countless health conditions as a result of boosting the effectiveness of your mitochondria.


Research studies continue to demonstrate the effectiveness, efficacy and safety of red/NIR light therapy.


Discover more benefits of RLT below!

How can RLT help you achieve your
 health and wellness goals?
Athletic Performance
Skin Health
Biolight Red Light Therapy
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Biolight Red Light Therapy
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Biolight Red Light Therapy
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Biolight Red Light Therapy
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Biolight Red Light Therapy
Anxiety & Depression
Biolight Red Light Therapy
Immune System
Biolight Red Light Therapy
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Biolight Red Light Therapy
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Highest Irradiance,

Lowest EMFs

Light irradiance is one of the most important variables when choosing a red light therapy device. Our panels come equipped with 5W LEDs, giving them an industry-leading

125 mW/cm². More power = more efficient treatments. That means more time in the day to do what you need to do!


Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is the byproduct of electronic technologies and can significantly alter the natural balance of the body's biochemical energy patterns.

Some of the most popular red light therapy panels incorporate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, which is actually counterproductive to your health and wellness goals. 

Our panels have been tested and consistently demonstrate EMF levels well below the "safe levels" of 0.200 mW/cm² or 3mG, even at 2" or less away. Compare this those same popular panels that emit non-safe levels of EMF from 18+" away! 

Safe For All Ages & Animals

Since we all share the same anatomy and physiology, red light therapy is an amazing health & wellness tool for humans across the life spectrum. Especially with children dealing with endless immune issues and inflammatory condition, red light therapy can help mitigate and improve those conditions.

Animals also benefit from the wonderful health benefits of red light therapy -- they have mitochondria too! Don't be surprised if your dogs cozies up to the panel for a nap when you turn your panel on!

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